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6 easy ways to allow natural light into your home

Allowing natural sunlight to enter your home has countless benefits. That is why several homeowners are renovating their houses to allow more natural light to enter. One of the home improvements to allow more sunlight is through installing Velux roof windows.

velux roof windows

Velux skylights Melbourne suppliers offer today are rich in designs and styles that can suit your taste, design, and budget.

Ways to allow natural light into your home

Aside from installing Velux roof windows, you can also do these home renovations to increase natural light into your home:

  • Opt for larger windows and doors

If you are into a major house renovation, then you might as well have larger windows and doors installed. The more openings to your house, the more natural light will come in.

Solid doors leading to your garden can be transformed into a sunroom or an extended outdoor living space for your family.

  • Choose the right colour palette for your rooms

The right paint colours can help enhance the natural light coming into your house. Choose light-coloured paints in your rooms to help brighten the room. Light colours reflect natural light; while dark colours absorb light.

  • Keep your windows and glass doors clean

Always clean your windows and glass doors regularly to maximize natural light. Dirt can filter natural light from entering your home.

  • Choose light-coloured curtains and draperies

Avoid using heavy and dark coloured curtains and draperies, but instead, go for the light and airy ones. Light- coloured curtains and draperies add a nice detail to your room while allowing natural light to come in.

If you do not like draperies, you can also use blinds. Blinds allow you to control and adjust the amount of natural light entering your room.

  • Choose the right flooring

Opt for floorings that reflect natural light instead of absorbing it. For the flooring, you can choose to have wooden, stone, or ceramic that has a polished finish.

Avoid carpets because they absorb light. If you cannot avoid carpets, then choose a light-coloured carpets.

  • Trim your plants

Your trees, bushes, and vines in your garden can be blocking off natural light from entering your home. Your climbing plants can prevent sunlight from entering through your Velux roof windows. Trim them regularly, especially those near your glass doors and windows.

Benefits of allowing natural light into your home

If you are not yet convinced of including roof windows as part of your next home improvement project, here are some advantages of roof windows Melbourne offers:

  • Saves you a lot of money on your energy bills

This is the main reason why homeowners use Velux flat roof skylight into their homes.

  • Improves alertness and focus

If you just woke up in the morning and feels a little foggy, natural light can help you awake. According to studies, natural light can also help you stay focus and be productive during the day.

  • Strengthens the immune system

The vitamin D you get from early morning sun exposure helps strengthen your immune system. According to researchers of the University of Copenhagen, vitamin D activates T-cells, a form of white blood cells, before it kills bacteria and viruses.

  • Improves mood

Exposure to natural light helps our brain reduce serotonin and endorphins. These two hormones are responsible for making you feel good, happy, and energized.

  • Allows you to grow indoor plants

Indoor plants are appealing and improve the quality of air inside your home. With an ample amount of natural light, these plants become healthier and thrive better.

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